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Recently, there has been a storm of cracking down on veterinary medicine and feed.

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In order to severely crack down on illegal use of veterinary drug feed and use of fake and inferior veterinary drug feed on large-scale farms, in accordance with the requirements of the Qingdao Municipal Bureau's "Notice on Strengthening the Supervision of the Use of Veterinary Drug Feeds on Large-scale Farms", Jimo has adopted various measures to increase Supervision of the safety of medicated feed for farms (households) effectively guarantees the safe use of veterinary feed and safeguards the interests of livestock and poultry farmers.


The first is to strengthen leadership and implement responsibilities. Establish a leading group for the supervision of veterinary drugs and feeds, and implement the responsibility to the people. Each responsible person must "perform due diligence and accountability for failures." The leading group implements regular inspections and year-end evaluations to maintain the seriousness of the supervision of veterinary drugs and feeds and ensure supervision. There is no "gap" in work, no missing, no dislocation.


The second is to actively promote the knowledge of safe use of medicinal materials. Take advantage of opportunities such as going to the countryside with science and technology, 3.15 anti-counterfeiting activities, publicize scientific medicinal materials, safety medication knowledge, common sense of identifying fake and inferior veterinary drugs, list of banned veterinary drugs, and withdrawal period regulations, etc., to propagate them to breeding companies, and guide them to rationally use medicinal materials. In order to make farmers consciously resist fake and inferior veterinary drugs and feed, a social atmosphere of identifying fake and counterfeiting is formed.


The third is to implement quality and safety commitments. Signed a letter of responsibility for the safety of medication and materials with the integrated breeding enterprise. The letter of responsibility specifies that the animal husbandry farm should start from the source of animal product production, strictly control the quality of the veterinary medicine, strictly implement the withdrawal period, and ensure the safety of animal food. .


The fourth is to strengthen inspections and inspections. Implement a patrol and supervision system for large-scale livestock and poultry breeding companies, urge the breeding companies to strictly implement the drug withdrawal period system, establish a livestock and poultry breeding file and medication record system, and conduct "three inspections", that is, check pharmaceutical purchase records, check medication records, and check for defects. Reaction record. Purchasing and using fake and inferior veterinary drugs and illegal drugs shall be investigated and punished according to law. At the same time, regularly and irregularly check the supervision account of each on-site supervisor, report the criticisms of the poor supervisors, formulate specific rewards and punishments, and regularly check internally to ensure that all supervision work is up to a higher level. (Li Senyuan, Gu Chunxia)


企业 Ten enterprises in Liaoning province for key monitoring of veterinary drug feed counterfeiting


Reporter Xu Tieying reported that from March 7th to 20th, the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine carried out a series of "3 · 15" veterinary drug counterfeiting campaigns across the province, conducted special inspections on key monitoring enterprises, and carried out activities such as the payment of fake and inferior veterinary drug feed. It is reported that the key national monitoring enterprises in 2011 are: Heilongjiang Jinxin Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenguang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. Fuyang Branch, Hangzhou Xiaoshan First Veterinary Medicine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hunan Taifeng Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Luancheng Xinyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Chongqing Zhongya Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Chuangxin Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shanxi Ruicheng Kelong Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd., Beilong Feilong Animal Medicine Factory of Heilongjiang Province, Shangqiu Huakang Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Beijing: 5000 catties of fake and inferior veterinary medicines were concentratedly destroyed


Jinghua Times (Reporter Wen Jing) Yesterday, the Municipal Animal Health Supervision Institute organized a "Beijing Winter Green Sword Operation Centralized Destruction of Fake and Inferior Veterinary Drugs", a box of boxes of fake and inferior veterinary drugs was thrown into the incinerator and completely destroyed.


The 2,500 kg of fake and inferior veterinary drugs that were destroyed this time came from 112 types of 9,280 bottles / bags / boxes of fake and inferior veterinary drugs that were found during the Winter Green Sword Operation in 10 districts and counties of the city. The amount is 112,000 yuan.


Shishizhuang destroys 21 tons of fake and inferior veterinary medicine feed


Hebei News Network (Yanzhao Metropolis Daily reporter Ren Guoxing) On March 15th, the "15.15 Public Destruction of Counterfeit and Inferior Veterinary Drugs and Feed Additives Campaign" of Shishi Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Bureau was held in Shilongteng Environmental Service Co., Ltd. At the event site, 21 tons of counterfeit and inferior veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives were destroyed.


According to relevant experts from Shishi Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Bureau, in order to ensure the quality and safety of animal products from the source, in 2010, Shijiazhuang Municipal Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Bureau organized 124 law enforcement inspection activities, organized joint inspections or special inspection activities 8 times, filed 24 cases, and destroyed the system. There are 4 dens for selling fake veterinary drugs and feed additives. 31 tons of fake and inferior veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives were confiscated, and more than 10 tons were destroyed in the first half of last year.