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Animal Immune Work Starts in Spring

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    The city's animal spring concentrated immunization work has been fully launched a few days ago. The reporter learned from the Municipal Agriculture Committee that as of now, the animal husbandry and veterinary station of the committee has organized 3 million ml of highly pathogenic bird flu vaccine, 1 million ml of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, 20 million feathers of Newcastle disease vaccine, and 1 million swine fever vaccine. The city's 395 epidemic prevention officers have quickly invested in spring prevention work, preventing the occurrence of major animal epidemics from the beginning, and ensuring the healthy and stable development of the city's animal husbandry.
    Doing a good job in the prevention and control of major animal epidemics is an effective measure to ensure farmers' income, animal epidemic safety and meat food safety, and it is the key to avoiding animal epidemics. It is understood that the spring concentrated animal immunization started in early March and ended on April 10, and each town has clearly designated a person to conduct epidemic prevention and supervision of large-scale farms, and signed an epidemic prevention responsibility certificate with large-scale farms (households) to ensure that the farms ( Households), real seedlings, real fights, and real effects. At the same time, strengthen supervision and management of the live poultry market, strictly implement a regular sterilization system and a thorough disinfection system after the market is closed to prevent the spread and spread of epidemic sources. Those who evade or resist quarantine, immunization, and sale of sick and dead animals will be severely punished according to law.